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About Allison 


I'm originally from NYC, and have a solid background in visual arts, art education and photography.  I'm detail oriented with a wabi sabi mindset- I seek out dynamic compositions, strong color combinations, interesting contrasts, tactile textures and patterns, and creative cropping. 

Now living in Austin, TX, I enjoy connecting with others where I have the privilege to capture intimate moments with my camera, especially since the pandemic has isolated us for so long.  I'm always taking photos, whether with my iPhone or my SLR, to preserve time, since we realize how precious it really is.  

I've earned my Master of Fine Arts specializing in photography, and worked alongside talented photographers and photo printers in NYC.

When shooting candidly, I wait for that "decisive moment" with my camera where I aim to capture authentic moments. In addition to photography, I've studied art history and architecture continue to explore my love of architecture and cultures around the world.  I'm a visual artist, teach students of all ages, and returning to my love of alternative photographic process printing.  More can be seen on my Instagram account at Awesome Art!


Clients include Christie’s (NYC), Polo Ralph Lauren (NYC), Community Works (NYC), Rutgers Center for Innovative Print and Paper (NJ), The Lost Pines (TX), CASA (TX), Creative Action (TX), SFC (TX), and Getty Images (worldwide). 














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